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CSEM Technologies Ltd supply parts for all leading manufacturers of air compressors and vacuum pumps.

Air compressor spares

We can supply compressor spare parts for brands including:

Vacuum pump spares

For vacuum pump, we can supply spares for brands such as:

becker vacuum pumps
busch vacuum pumps
edwards air compressors
leybold vacuum pump
elmo rietschle compressors

Spare part options

Original OEM spares

OEM compressor and vacuum pump spares are provided by manufacturers and meet the exact specification required to ensure longevity of equipment and peak efficiency. Most manufacturers insist on original spares being fitted to maintain extended warranties.

Grey Market or Pattern spares

Grey Market spares are copies of original manufacturer parts. Although they are often sold by the same suppliers who provide OEM parts, they won’t have their name stamped on them but still provide the same high quality at a more affordable price.

All customers are welcome to choose between the two options and we can provide assistance if you are unsure about which would suit your business.
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