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Energy saving solutions

Let CSEM Technologies help you reduce your energy costs with our energy saving solutions. We can help you achieve the lowest operating costs for compressed air systems, with our energy saving solutions.

Flow meters

Our Gardner Denver Air Flow measurement equipment allows for the precise measurement of compressed air output, allowing you to pinpoint usage spikes, leakage rates, pressure differentials, justify energy management programs, measure return on investment and when servicing is required. This can significantly help increase efficiency, with savings of up to 50% regularly seen by our clients.

flow meters

Ultrasonic leak testing

Our Ultrasonic leak testing equipment will help stop compressed air output being wasted. This device works by listening for ultrasonic sounds, which are undetectable to the human ear, and then transforming them into audible sound. The technology then identifies the location and intensity of each leak, which is subsequently tagged and photographed.

ultrasonic leak testing

Data logging

Our data logging services allows for full energy audit of all compressed air systems – measuring the amount of air delivery, the amount of energy consumed and pressure levels over a set period. This allows for a comprehensive set of data that is invaluable when looking to save energy.

energy saving
More information

For more information on our energy saving solutions, find some useful PDF downloads just below: