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Emergency Stop Button – Screw Compressor

Did you know?

It is vital that you do not press the e-stop button unless there is a true emergency.

A true emergency is defined as a situation where there is an immediate or developing hazardous situation that needs to be ended or averted as fast as possible in order to avoid any injuries or damage. The e-stop button is designed to shut down your compressor to ensure, not to increase or introduce new dangers to the situation.

Using the e-stop button when there isn’t a true emergency can cause more damage to your compressor. If the screws in your compressor are flooded (preventing it from functioning properly) and the e-stop button is pressed, this action does not release the liquid from the screws. Instead, the screws will stay flooded which will increase the load upon restarting your compressor. What’s more, if the load valve does not respond fast enough, there is a risk that lubricant can be expelled from the inlet from back pressure in the air end unit which will create more damage.

What can you do instead?

Your screw compressor comes with a soft stop button. This function is designed to facilitate the oil to be evacuated from the screws. This function will not shut down the compressor but will attempt to restore the function until an engineer can reach you. This button can be found on the panel and is usually denoted by an “O”.

It is also crucial that you service your compressor regularly to ensure it is performing efficiently and correctly.

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